Post Visa Progress

As at 7/4/22 – I will update as I progress through the process.

In my experience so far there is almost no routine or update communications provided to host or guest post Visa Application.

That said my local Council have provided some information and here is my experience so far.

Warning: There may be variations in how different councils operate this is just what Bradford do.

Council Checks

Firstly it looks like the Council Checks are not, per se, a blocker on the visa process. Bradford Council have stated

I would also take this opportunity to assure you that the Visa applications are not reliant on the Council checks.  The initial checks are made by Central Government departments and then the Visa is granted provided no issues arise.  Our checks are required to be initiated as soon as possible but would not delay the issue of the Visa(s).

The house check took around 20 minutes (for a 4 bedroom house).

They were require to check all rooms the guests could access (but not ‘normally locked spaces’ like garage, shed etc).

The checks were based on landlord checks, albeit much reduced, and result in a formal report with mandatory and recommended improvements. In essence they want to check your house is ‘safe’; e.g. you have a gas safe certificate, there are no obvious building regulation no compliances and no obvious ‘hazards’ ; and that you are providing appropriate accommodation and ‘privacy’ for your guests.

All adults in the house will apparently require to complete DBS checks.